About Us…

About Us 300x200Passionate about service? iVox Solutions is!

A company created with family values at it’s core and built on the foundations of many years technological and business experience, our goal is to provide the smart automation and insurance industries with the very best service and repair network, served by approved and authorised technicians, nationwide.

Having designed smart and bespoke solutions using market leading technology, iVox Solutions is uniquely placed to ensure the right people, with the right technology and the right skills, are at hand to investigate, diagnose and repair any failures to your smart home.



Having the ability to control your lights with a flick of your finger – one touch and the ambience of a room or indeed the whole home changes. Some lights dim whilst others burn just a little brighter or turn a different shade and colour of your choosing. The same flick of your finger silently closes your shades, curtains and blinds, turns on and up the music – a play list chosen by you for you and piped to all the rooms and places you would want to listen to it… All of which done with ease when deploying controls in partnership with iVox.

…touch control automation – elegant and seamless integration for home and business