World of lighting…

Lighting 300x200Immense pride in our homes and places of work, along with a rapidly growing sophistication of technology that has been clearly met by our drive for it’s deployment, has borne a real need for seamlessly integrated, automated and simplistic user friendly control.

Here at iVox Solutions we design and provide such systems and controls using only the very latest in quality technology, and for both integrated and stand alone solutions. The custom and bespoke service we provide is professionally project managed throughout and  supports the delivery of industry leading technologies including: lighting with integrated window dressings, audio visual for entertainment, controlled CCTV solutions, HVAC control and smart entry exit capabilities.


Having the ability to control your lights with a flick of your finger – one touch and the ambience of a room or indeed the whole home changes. Some lights dim whilst others burn just a little brighter or turn a different shade and colour of your choosing. The same flick of your finger silently closes your shades, curtains and blinds, turns on and up the music – a play list chosen by you for you and piped to all the rooms and places you would want to listen to it… All of which done with ease when deploying controls in partnership with iVox.

…touch control automation – elegant and seamless integration for home and business